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Hardware for Quantum Research

We make research instruments for Quantum Research including but not limited to Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics and Nanomagnetism. We provide the experimental environment  [cryogenic/ magnetic/electrostatic], characterization tools [electrical probing, voltage sources] or sample manipulation tools such as 2D Transfer Systems for making 2D hetero-structures. 


                          Dr. Vidya Kochat                                                     Assistant Prof. Material Science  IIT Kharagpur


We have been able to fabricate a lot of 2D hetreostructures with good precision and control using the 2D Transfer System by Cryonano. The fine angle adjustment has also been very helpful in making twisted bilayers of graphene and various other TMDCs. The temperature control is also good and optics is top class.


The visualization of the flakes during the transfer is excellent and hence we are able to fabricate 2D heterostructures with high degree of precision. Recently a journal article has been published in Journal of Applied Physics. 2023;133(11). where Cryonano transfer system was used to make heterostructures.

bisu da.jpg

                          Dr Biswajit Karmakar                                      Associate Prof, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India


We have been using the 16-bit digital to analog isolated voltage source (IVS) from Cryonano for quite sometime now and it has become a mainstay for our lab. It has four truly bipolar +/- 10 V output that is controlled by Labview. We are extensively using the IVS for our ongoing research work for mainly Gate Voltage Control of our multi-terminal quantum hall Systems, Gate Voltage Control on graphene devices and I-V spectroscopy of fractional quantum hall systems.. We have carried out several experiments and published two papers (Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 076802 – Published 12 August 2020; Phys. Rev. B 104, 085304 – Published 9 August 2021).

User Testimonials

Research Highlights

Recent publication from IITKGP material Science Department with accurate twist angle control using the Cryonano 2D Transfer system completely designed and Made in India

Schematic of the fabrication of TBL WSe22 using modified pickup and transfer technique integrated with a water delamination step. The optical images of TBL samples fabricated using this technique is shown for 20∘° (b), 30∘° (c), and 43∘° (d) twist angles 

Implemented with CRYONANO 2D transfer System

Read more in Application Notes















New installation of new and updated 2D transfer system at NISER Bhubaneshwar

a) A glimpse of the new 2DTS                                                                         b) A closer look of the transfer mechanism


2DTS is suitable for the precise fixed-point transfer of single-layer materials such as graphene, molybdenum sulfide, and black phosphorus, as well as the preparation of multi-layer van der Waals heterojunctions while visualization of low-dimensional material transfer. The transfer system consists of a microscopic system, a three-axis transfer stage, and a vacuum puck with an integrated heated  sample stage. The target substrate stage can be rotated at a large angle in the plane, which is a powerful tool for studying the characteristics of heterojunctions, the breaking of space inversion symmetry, and the influence of different stacking methods of two-dimensional materials


High stability, high-precision mechanical design and high-quality microscopic imaging system enables the precise transfer of tiny samples less than 5 μm . 2DTS integrates the whole process of device preparation such as observation, transfer, imaging and recording. 

Video of the transfer Process made by IITKGP Material Science Lab: [Vid Courtesy: Mr Sourav Paul, IITKGP ]

Recent Publications:

Some Journal Publication using CRYONANO Equipment:

Raman spectroscopic studies on the evolution of interlayer coupling and stacking order in twisted bilayers and polytypes of WSe2 

Sourav Paul  et. al. ,  Journal of Applied Physics 133, 114301 (2023)

Magnetic-Field-Dependent Equilibration of Fractional Quantum Hall Edge Modes 

Tanmay Maiti, et. al.  Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 076802 (2020)

Temperature-dependent equilibration of spin orthogonal quantum Hall edge modes

Tanmay Maiti, et. al.  Phys. Rev. B 104, 085304 (2021)

Gap states controlled transmission through 1D metal-nanotube junctions

U.N. Nandi  et. al.  Carbon, Volume 146, Pages 106-115 (2019)

Customer List

Our Customers are spread all over India, Singapore, PRC etc.. The list is growing continuously. We are present in top research Institutions like Indian Institute of Technologies, Department of Atomic energy Labs, Department of Science and Technology Labs, National Research Institutes both in India and internationally. We regularly interact with our customers to develop and customize new products.


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